I Know You’re Tired. Have Sex Anyway!

Posted: 2365 days ago in Sex & Relationships

sex-anywaydivider2I’m talking to those of you in committed relationships.

If this does not describe you: tuck this away for the day that you will crave sleep more than sex. I promise you, that day will come. I can pick you out a mile away. You have bags under your eyes and wear elastic waist pants. But more than that, there is absolutely no spring in your step.

I get it.

You are busy with __________ (fill in the blank: Babies. Teens. Work. Life). There aren’t enough hours in the day to get done all that you need to, much less anything that you want to.

Guess what? We are all tired. Pretty much all the time.

However, those of us who look like we are not, or who seem not to care that we are, look like that and act like that because we are having sex. Even if we didn’t really want to when our significant others got that look in their eye, we faked it until we felt it, and in the end (especially after a really good end!), we are glad that we did.

You see, connecting with your partner in that most intimate, special way is food for the soul. It is a moment that you take for each other, and yourselves, to celebrate all that you have together. Even if you only have time for a quickie, I guarantee you that your attitude and energy will have totally shifted. In any relationship, you are either moving towards each other or away from each other. Putting intimacy on the back burner is one surefire way to begin moving apart. Not to mention, no amount of sleep can make you look as good as a great orgasm can!

If you are lucky enough to have someone special in your life that wants to have sex with you, and that you want to have sex with, too – just do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Over and over again…

The Good Divorce

Posted: 2626 days ago in Sex & Relationships

thegooddivorceBefore you call me an oxy-moron, please know that the “best” divorces never happen.

In a perfect world, you choose the right partner at the right time and live happily ever after. But if you should decide that being happier apart is better than miserable together, then please, aim for a good divorce.

Too many people put their heads in the sand as their marriages falter. I mean, you can only shove so many emotions down inside before they come spewing up in a heated outburst of inappropriate behavior or damaging argument.

Fight for your marriage!

Go to counseling, do the hard work, leave nothing on the table.

If, after all that, for whatever reason, the person you are married to is not the person you were meant to grow old with, get out before it gets ugly. Chances are, if you are desperately unhappy, so is your partner, and he or she will be relieved that you had the guts to say it.