5 Ways to be Kinder to Your Back This Week!

Posted: 2565 days ago in Wellness

5waystobekindertoyourbackIt’s a well-known statistic that 80% of our nation’s population experiences back pain on a regular basis. Can you believe that? That’s around 250 million people.

Sure I can sit here and point out the obvious culprits –  little to no exercise, desk jobs, accidents, pregnancy – but I’d rather focus on what we can do to solve the problem.

Here are five things you can do RIGHT NOW to help that back pain of yours.

STAND as much as you can. Sitting is the worst possible posture for your spine and pelvis, plus it puts significantly more pressure on the discs of your lower back. Stand to relieve the pressure and give your frame a break.

MOVE more. And don’t just “exercise” for an hour a day – though you should do that, too! Instead of sitting on the couch and chatting with a friend, go for a walk. Throw a ball with your kids. Take the stairs to a colleague’s office instead of emailing them. It all adds up!

DRINK water. The discs that cushion your spine are largely water. Chronic dehydration can contribute to their degeneration, making them more vulnerable to injury.

STRETCH often. Hang in a ragdoll position, sneak in a downward facing dog or arch your back. Gently roll your neck, or reach your hands high over your head. Muscles weaken and joints stiffen with lack of use, so move it, or most definitely lose it.

ADJUST regularly. When your spine is misaligned due to trauma or poor habits it will degenerate more quickly, be prone to hurting, and contribute to poor health overall. Chiropractors do a great job of keeping spines aligned and moving well, which is why I always suggest that individuals seek chiropractic care.

I promise that if you do these things on a regular basis, you will join the 50+ million people who aren’t part of the back pain epidemic.

Good luck! Let me know how those backs are doing come Friday.