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Happy Monday!

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Oh No She Didn’t…

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Give the New Year New Meaning

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With the new year here, I can now ask… how many of you made inner peace a stipulation of your new year’s resolution?

I know for those of us who work on a yoga practice those couple hours a week can make a big difference.  But if you leave the mat just to get pissed off the moment you realize your kid didn’t do their chores…. again… then what good has your yoga practice really done?

Here’s what I’m getting at:  I’m talking about practicing that whole Namaste thing throughout your day and throughout this new year; and not just when your yogi is watching.  It takes practice – that is why they call it yoga practice, right?  But doesn’t it crack you up when the same chick that was OM-ing like her life depended on it gives you the finger when you inadvertently cut her off while leaving the parking lot?

Please don’t be one of those girls.

And don’t just play nice with each other, practice yoga off the mat by finding traits within yourself that bring out your peaceful nature. Such as selflessness.  Or patience.  Yeah, I gotta work on that one myself.

I came across this story of a guy named Scott Harrison on one of my favorite websites, Marie Forleo dot com. Scott was once a NYC club promoter who more regularly did drugs than he did volunteer work.  He partied, jet-setted, and generally exploited every living vice there was to offer.  Until he realized that life was about a whole lot more than that.  Scott has now raised over 100 million dollars for wells in developing countries; 100% of the proceeds donated to his cause, ‘charity: water‘, go towards digging wells.

I’m sharing this with you because no matter how selfish or greedy our hearts can be sometimes — deep down we long for something so much more meaningful. Please watch.


With lot of practice, I am finding it easier to hit my own little ‘pause’ button, do a few yoga breaths, and move forward with much more focus and calm. Bringing what good I can to a world that needs it.  Desperately.

Much love my friends, and best wishes in 2015!

The “Other” Coffee Break

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theothercoffeebreakIf you are like me, you need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

Sure, coffee can do it for you, but what has coffee done for you lately, except give you yellow teeth, bad breath, and the jitters?

Why don’t you try the “other” coffee break?

Let me explain…

A good friend of mine took my advice and invested in a Lelo.  Don’t know what a Lelo is? I suggest reading my post, “Have You Met My Friend Lelo? You Should!

Anywho, she was feeling a little schlumpish one mid-afternoon, like most of us do, so she made an appointment with herself to get to know her ‘new friend’ Lelo.

Well. What do you know? After her little “session”, she was simply bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Her skin was glowing, her eyes were sparkling and there was a spring in her step. What a great idea! 

Now clearly, this can only work if you are lucky enough to work at home or can find a private space with a locking door. I don’t recommend that you do it on a sales call (though it might improve your sales if you let them watch). I’m kidding!

I don’t think my little recommendation will put Starbucks out of business any time soon, but it might just get you through the day in a better way!


United as Americans

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FALLing Apart

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day this past week.

I had a mini-freak out this morning when I realized that since Labor Day has now passed, my favorite summer breakfast – fresh berries, yogurt and granola – wouldn’t be possible for much longer.

Attempting to eat only seasonally fresh produce means you have to change what you eat a few times a year. But I love my summer breakfast! And I love summer! And long days! And since I’m not relocating to Southern California anytime soon, I will attempt to transition into fall gracefully.

Here are some things that I look forward to in the upcoming, chilly season:

  • Sleep: Follow the sun, people, and embrace your circadian rhythms. More dark = more sleep.
  • Comfort food: I will miss my fresh berries, but I also love my cool-weather, go-to breakfast: steel cut oats with apples, walnuts, cinnamon and a bit of agave nectar. So warm and hearty on those cool mornings. If you throw it in the crockpot at night, you will wake up to the most delicious smell.
  • Hot yoga: You know I love me some yoga, but the idea of hot yoga on a hot summer day does not make me happy. But on a bone-chilling, fall or winter day? It’s blissful.
  • Fireplaces: There’s nothing like reading or snuggling in front of a fire.
  • Skiing: I get a little wiggy if I don’t get outside enough, and not much can beat being on top of a mountain on a crisp day.
  • New boots!: Shallow, I know, but come on….

If you can’t beat it, you may as well join it, right? Enjoy your last bits of summer in the upcoming weeks!486975527

A Rude Wake-up Call (Turned Silver Lining)

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This post is being awkwardly written, as my left hand has been in a cast, and then a splint for the last eight weeks.  

Eight. Long. Weeks.

Flash back to an amazing summer morning on the water. The paddleboard yoga class I was taking was nearing its end, and I decided to get fancy and do a “behind the head” bind. It’s tough enough to do on land, but I’d worked on it for the better part of a year and felt pretty confident about it. That is, until I lost my balance, rolled off my board, and damn near tore my thumb off. One semi-emergent surgery later, and my exercise regime came grinding to a halt. Hence my rude wake-up call.

————————————- Oh, shit. ——————————————

Exercise keeps me feeling and looking healthy, but much more importantly, it keeps me from being a raving bitch/lunatic. So I knew I had to get on top of things, and quickly.

Yoga and weightlifting, my two go-to activities of choice, were an obvious NO.

Running didn’t work either, as the cast made me majorly lop-sided, and once I was splinted, the fear of catching or bumping my  thumb made me cringe.

I walked a lot, and took the opportunity to get back in the pool, awkward though it was.

Still, I felt a bit like a caged lion.179275702

And then, I exhaled. Maybe, just maybe, the universe gave me exactly what I needed. A little more time and space to stop and smell the roses. Our oldest just left for college, and the ‘baby’ is now a junior in high school. We had some pretty magical moments this summer, many of which probably wouldn’t have happened if Mama was at the gym all morning.

So though I’m still pissed that I’m not firing on all cylinders, and likely won’t be for a few more months, I can see that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And therein lies the silver lining, my friends.

What’s not going well for you that you could find some silver lining in? Please do share!

#icebucketchallenge in slow motion (TOO COOL)

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Coming Soon on Dr. Tania

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tania-coming-soon-2divider2That’s right! We’re spillin’ the beans, lettin’ the cat out the bag, and giving you a sneak peak of what’s coming shortly on DrTania.com.


New Design

We wanted to make the design easier, and more intuitive for our users. That’s why our new design will help readers sort content easily so they can see fully all of the topics Dr. Tania writes on, and move to different areas of the website quickly and effortlessly.

foumNew Forum

Dr. Tania touches on a lot of subjects that are near and dear to our reader’s hearts. For that reason, we’re adding a forum to www.drtania.com where our readers can discuss the topics from the blog, give their feedback, and interact with other readers who may or may not feel as they do on those topics.

New Masonry Layoutmasonry

In the age of Pinterest, and Gawker we find that sometimes — people want to judge the cover before deciding to read the book. For that reason, we’re adding a masonry layout to www.drtania.com so users can choose to browse our content visually, instead of scrolling through each written post. And if you enjoy the current design, have no fear — that layout will still be available as well.

So there you have it — a sneak peek of what’s to come. Also be on the lookout because starting the week of our launch this September, we’ll be doing some pretty awesome giveaways.

From Dr. Tania and the rest of our team, thank you so much for your readership. Without your participation, this wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. heart

Niki Rogers

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Niki Rogers is the Editor & Chief at Pilaster Digital a web firm in Annapolis, Maryland and she also spearheads the editorial at DrTania.com where she works personally with Dr. Tania to create the content your reading today.