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About Dr. Tania

In the course of my 20+ years of practice I’ve taught my patients a thing or two, and at this point I feel ready to take my ‘show on the road’! The advice and guidance I’ve given them has been written, filmed, and boiled down to be informative and yet slightly entertaining. Now, there is a LOT of good health information available online (I know), but most of it is, excuse me, BORING! Conversely, there are so many entertaining lifestyle bloggers that I enjoy, but I found that few, if any, had any healthcare credentials. I fancy myself a “Dr. Oz meets Bethenny Frankel” hybrid, and it’s my intention that will bring good, solid health and wellness advice from an “every girl” perspective, to it’s readers.

 If that’s up your alley, I hope you will join me on this journey!

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About Dr. Tania

A native of New Jersey, I decided to become a chiropractor at the age of 15, when I experienced a complete metamorphosis in my health after seeking chiropractic care for an injury. I completed my undergraduate work at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and my doctorate at Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991. I owned my own private practice for over 20 years, before deciding to take my message ‘on the road’.

BK (“Before Kids”), Hollywood came calling and I enjoyed providing chiropractic health care on movie sets (Tuck Everlasting, Ladder 49, The Replacements, and many others) and behind the scenes at live shows like David Copperfield. I’ve been profiled in Washington Post Magazine and other trade and regional publications. I have also done extensive postgraduate work in the fields of prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and family wellness.

In addition to caring for those populations and my community at large, I love lecturing on living a balanced, healthy life in an unhealthy world. I believe that my audiences would agree that my honest, passionate approach motivates them to make positive changes. A chiropractic lifestyle has helped me to stay fit and healthy enough to become a triathlete and marathoner at the age of 40! Who knew!?

I live in Annapolis with three true loves, my husband Braden and our two daughters Francesca and Julia.


I truly feel like I was chosen to be a chiropractor. But to me, providing treatment was just the beginning of helping my patients to be healthier. Counseling them about living a healthy, balanced life in an unhealthy world was essential, and something I have enjoyed very much.

Many times, I would heard my patients say, “why have I never heard that before?” – “why has no one told me that before?” – “you should write a book,” and although I love teaching one-to-one in my office, I feel a calling to change the world a little more quickly, and teach one-to-many. That’s why I created this blog.

If you wonder what makes this blog different from all the others; it’s understandable. There are thousands of other female bloggers out there who write to lifestyle, so what does make me different?

Though there are a lot of great women out there, living some cool lives and blogging about it – I have yet to find someone in the health and wellness field that is doing the job that I would like them to do. So, I’m stepping up.

The formal training makes me a doctor – twenty years of working with patients in a successful practice makes me a knowledgeable one – and yet at the end of the day, I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and now a blogger. Take it or leave it!

My promise to my readers is that any information I serve up will not be dry and overcooked, but juicy and delicious. Because let’s face it, you can take the girl out of Jersey, but not the Jersey out of the girl. So, you can count on me to be real and occasionally raunchy. (I apologize in advance if you’re easily offended, but ladies, sometimes life just ain’t pretty and I’m not afraid to be the one to say it!)

At the end of the day, my goal is to give my readers good, solid information on what it takes to lead a truly healthy life, and occasionally make you laugh out loud in the process. Now can WebMD do that?

I know how to be a doctor in practice. However, this lifestyle-blogger-thing is new to me, so please bear with me. My intent is not only to share what I know, but get you to think about what you know too, so please be gentle as I work out the kinks (“ha!” get it?).  Thank you for walking this path with me!

Properly Citing

I find that having extra information to back up a claim never hurts. It’s for this reason that whenever necessary, I source, quote, and reference any third party information that I’ve used. With that being said, there is a teeny-tiny amount of sourcing that is out of my hands. Or should I say, long-term memory.

I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of brilliant minds in my career. From seminars, to continuing education courses, to personal relationships and organizations I’ve been a part of, etc.. I have picked up a lot of great information along the way, and a lot of what I’ve learned over time has become part of who I am. As would be the case with anyone, since we all want to know better, so we can lead better lives.

With that being said; things may fall out of my mouth that I may not remember to give proper credit for. If it’s yours and I’ve failed to mention it, please bring it to my attention. I will happily footnote, mention, or repost with any corrections necessary.

Disclaimer Time!

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